Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Minding Your Business | VoiceAmerica™

Igor Ledochowski & David A. Blender will explore the mysterious power of the mind.

You will discover how people have used this power to achieve what many thought to be impossible.

Today, you will meet some fascinating characters, both modern day and historical figures that used the power of their minds to achieve truly amazing feats.

There is the Iceman: who can withstand intense sub-zero temperatures without frostbite, hypothermia or even pain! You'll meet geniuses like Thomas Edison, and Nobel Prize winners like Einstein and Friedrich Kekule, all of whom trained their minds to find answers to impossible problems - and were rewarded with success and Nobel prizes for their achievements!

You'll also hear about Dale Hitchman, who was the first person to go through a full surgical operation without any drugs - he used hypnosis and the power of the mind to eliminate the pain!
You will discover that the mind is without question the most powerful tool that we possess.

Read full interview here:

Minding Your Business | VoiceAmerica™

Friday, 2 March 2012

Secrets of Money: A Conversation with Igor Ledochowski and Mike Ser – Part 1

Yesterday I found this audio recording. Is Part 1 of a 2 hour conversation with Igor Ledochowski and Mike Ser (Active Trader, Traders Coach & Entrepreneur).

It is part of a segment called Secrets of Money where Igor would interview the top wealth experts in the world so they can share their experiences about the wealth creation mindset.

You can listen the audio file here:

Stay tuned for Part 2.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

11 Closely Guarded Secrets Of The Rich & The Super-Rich | The Money In Your Mind PDF

the money in your mind pdf

  the money in your mind download
"11 Closely Guarded Secrets Of The Rich & The Super-Rich"

Find out what’s really going on with money and wealth, inside this powerful, common-sense PDF report.
Igor Ledochowski, multimillionaire and wealth expert reveals:

The 5 industries that are “pleasantly" preventing you from attaining long-lasting wealth without you even realizing it. How to break their seductive spell once and for all
The 4 areas of wealth and financial freedom you have been lied to about, and the truth you need to get the money you want
What was discussed at a closed-door meeting inside a $16 million mansion in the Bahamas last December that can dramatically affect your financial future.
The "Big Lie" that keeps people poor, while they are cynically fooled into thinking they are living like multimillionaires!

... and much, much more.

Download Now.

Monday, 19 September 2011

The Money In Your Mind Review | Igor Ledochowski

the money in your mind review

You might be probably searching additional info about this training or you may have questions in your mind whether this is the right product for you. So this review will sort out your confusions as I already came across with this product.

The Money In your Mind is Igor Ledochowski’s newest training program.

As you can guess this training is all about how you can be more wealthy.

The fact is that any type of success, including financial success begins in your mind.

Once the mind is programmed to succeed, it becomes much easier to attract the right circumstances to create financial success in your life.

This training program teach you how to reprogram your SUBCONSCIOUS mind for unlimited abundance so that you become a wealth magnet instead of being trapped in the never-ending money chase.

I was lucky enough to get one of the few copy’s that were made available during the pre-publication period.

I think this is one of the most comprehensive and practical trainings I’ve ever listen on this subject. It changed my beliefs about money and abundance. Now the confidence I have regarding my financial situation improved a lot.

What makes this program so different is the fact that it covers the three variables of wealth equation:

1) The Conscious mind
2) The Unconscious mind
3) Wealth oriented actions you can take in the real world inspired by the world famous riches.

There are lots of tips about how to avoid the debt trap to achieve financial freedom and how to pick the best investments.

Contents at a Glance

DVD 1: The Wealth Blueprint That Makes You Rich
DVD 2: How To Automatically Raise Your ‘Inner Wealth Ceiling’
DVD 3: Destroy The Poverty Virus So Wealth Can Flourish!
DVD 4: The Easy Way To Tap Your Own Financial Genius
DVD 5: How to Grow Your Wealth On Autopilot
DVD 6: Finally! The Money Machine That Sets You Free
DVD 7: Hollywood’s Nasty Conspiracy To Keep You In Debt
DVD 8: How To REALLY Make Money While You Sleep!
DVD 9: “Wealth Traps” That Cost You Money
DVD 10: Money Systems - Your Rock-Solid Key To Long-Term Wealth
DVD 11: A Simple Mental Shift That Turns Ideas Into Instant Cash!
DVD 12: The Most Important Predictor of Wealth Ever Discovered
DVD 13: The Best Way To Speed Up Getting Rich
DVD 14: The Money In Your Mind - Advanced Secrets
DVD 15: The REAL Secret to Wealth: What Separates Billionaires from Millionaires

Bonus CD’s

These CD’s contains the “Money Expanding Mind Exercises” or MEMEs - training sessions to subconsciously reprogram your mind so you think like a rich person.
For best results I advice you to listen the bonus CD’ before you go to sleep.

Bonus CD 1: The Magic of MEMEs
Bonus CD 2: Relax into Riches
Bonus CD 3: Your Vision of Success
Bonus CD 4: Your Wealth Blueprint
Bonus CD 5: Wealth Guardians
Bonus CD 6: Your Dreams Into Reality
Bonus CD 7: Your Money Action Team
Bonus CD 8: Getting Richer Every Day

(  Source:    The Money In Your Mind Review-    Igor Ledochowski   )

Based on other testimonials of happy students that reviewed the money in your mind course, this product should transform your wealth thinking and any actions towards financial independence will follow effortlessly. All you have to do is watch one DVD (about 60-80 minutes) a day for 15 days.

Overall, this is an excellent program - a must read for anyone who is having troubles with their mortgage or knows someone who is, people trapped by debt problems, entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to improve his financial situation to a new level.

Additional Information

 For further information about this program watch a Sneak Peak of the course on Youtube.

The Money In Your Mind Training - Sneak Peak
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