Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Minding Your Business | VoiceAmerica™

Igor Ledochowski & David A. Blender will explore the mysterious power of the mind.

You will discover how people have used this power to achieve what many thought to be impossible.

Today, you will meet some fascinating characters, both modern day and historical figures that used the power of their minds to achieve truly amazing feats.

There is the Iceman: who can withstand intense sub-zero temperatures without frostbite, hypothermia or even pain! You'll meet geniuses like Thomas Edison, and Nobel Prize winners like Einstein and Friedrich Kekule, all of whom trained their minds to find answers to impossible problems - and were rewarded with success and Nobel prizes for their achievements!

You'll also hear about Dale Hitchman, who was the first person to go through a full surgical operation without any drugs - he used hypnosis and the power of the mind to eliminate the pain!
You will discover that the mind is without question the most powerful tool that we possess.

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Minding Your Business | VoiceAmerica™

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